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Canyoning in the alps

General Terms and Conditions Act


Registrations can be submitted in writing, by telephone or in person, all of which are compulsory. The binding contract comes through the acceptance of the registration form in the booking confirmation (written or oral) about. The applicant expressly assures that he makes the trip application in the name and authority of the registered traveler.


Payment is usually on site and in bar Credit and debit cards (debit cards), etc. are not accepted. At the request of the book ends, the costs can be paid into the account cited below, and this is always done prior to tour start.
Bank:Raiffeisen Bank Oberland (RBO)
Name, Adress:Rimml Matthias- 6574 Pettneu am Arlberg

Cancellation policy:

You can withdraw at any time prior to departure of the trip. In your own interest, and to avoid misunderstandings, we strongly recommend to declare the withdrawal in writing. As compensation for the travel arrangements and expenses, taking into account the following structure depending on the proximity of the withdrawal point in time for departure require payment of a percentage of the tour price: from 10 Day - 7th day before departure 60% from 6 Day prior to arrival 100% for cancellation of non-commencement of the day of travel 100% If an individual tour participant benefits from whatever reason not to complete, so basically there is no refund of the invoice price.

Scope of services:

The scope of contractual services can be found on the booking confirmation.


Where possible, we try to continue after signing the transfer of benefits.

Grounds for exclusion:

Each participant must be able to swim and have a healthy body condition. Lying illnesses such as eg: diabetes, heart disease or something similar before, this is communicated to the leaders before the Tour. Participants who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be excluded without replacement of the tour! Weather and water level caused by changes or cancellations of the program are the sole discretion of the guide. If a participant is not grown due to a miscalculation of its performance of a program the leader may exclude him from the tour.


The prices include only the management and organizational costs. Accommodation, meals and other incidental costs (eg transfer, ferry boat, ...) are not included. If longer trips planned (even week tours), the participant has to visit the property itself, where the leader will be given recommendations. These are timely and personalized book. The prices no insurance of any kind is included.


Technical equipment (wetsuits, Harnesses, helmets, etc..) We are happy to make available for a fee. A private equipment must agree to the respective leaders for safety before the tour / check-in, or have made a personal inspection. Before each tour is an introduction given by the tour leader. The risks are many and therefore not be excluded. The service used by third parties or by a substitute is allowed provided that they have a healthy and in good physical condition, and soon enough the leader notice may be given for replacement of rental equipment, etc. When the tours offered mostly a camera is there. The images are provided, the case homepage acqua rocce available, these will not be sold and solely used for promotional purposes. The rights owner has the camera.

Applicable Law / Jurisdiction:

Between the customer and the organizer, the law of the Federal Republic of Austria is exclusively applicable. Jurisdiction is Landeck in Tyrol.

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